Wonderlic Test

Often used in an educational or employment setting, the Wonderlic test is a quick test that challenges a person to use their problem solving skills. It involves a series of 50 questions that have to be answered within 12 minutes.

This is an extremely popular test due to it being quick and easy to administer, and having fairly consistent reliable results. It is perhaps best known as the test given to NFL players before the professional football draft to test their problem solving and cognitive abilities.

Test takers sometimes feel rushed due to the time limits that this test brings, which is why they’re encouraged to practice and prepare beforehand.

Scoring for the Wonderlic test ranges by how many correct answers the test taker was able to get within that 12 minute time period. Unanswered questions are wrong answers and marked as such.

  • Extremely Low: 0 to 8
  • Low: 9 to 19
  • Average: 20
  • High: 25 to 40
  • Genius: 40 to 50 correct

Where to Take the Test

Wonderlic tests have to be taken at an approved site given by a proctor. Official score copies will be administered once the test is graded. If the test is being taken for a specific job, the employer will pay the fees for the test. Fees can range from $50 to $200 depending on where the test is taken.

 Practicing for the Wonderlic

Taking a sample Wonderlic test online will not provide official scores but it can give the test taker an idea of what to expect on the test. There are several online Wonderlic test sample websites that offer timed tests that provide a reasonable approximation of the offical test.

What to Expect During Testing

The test taker will be asked to provide an ID to take the test and obtain their results. The test is administered and it is timed so the proctor will tell those taking the test when to begin and when to stop. The takers have 12 minutes to answer as many of the 50 questions as they can correctly. Any unanswered questions will be counted as incorrect.