135 IQ Score and Percentile

You may have recently scored 135 on an IQ test or have heard of someone who has an IQ of 135. But what an IQ score of 135 mean? What percentile does that place someone into? Who are some famous people that have IQ scores of 135? Is it possible to improve your IQ to a level of 135?

135 IQ Score

Most IQ tests are designed to be administered for individuals in a specific age range, to have the average score of the population equal 100, and to have a standard deviation of 15. For this reason, an IQ score of 135 can indicate that an individual is intellectually gifted in a wide range of categories tested on an IQ test.

135 IQ percentile

IQ bell curve

People with an IQ score of 135 are are at the 99.02th percentile. This essentially means that a person who scores 135 will do better on an IQ test than 99 out of 100 people his or her age. This is an extremely high level of intelligence and people with IQs of this level typically enjoy advantages over others in academic and work settings.

Do people with an IQ score of 135 qualify as geniuses?

A person who scores in this range is likely to be classified as a genius or near-genius by their school or community. There is no official designation of what a “genius” IQ score would be, but most consider a score of 140 to be the minimum. While an IQ score of 135 is exceptional, they are not necessarily representative of most people with exceptional intelligence.

The difficulty of an IQ score of 135

How hard is it to get an IQ score of 135? Getting a high score on an IQ test is difficult due to the nature of standardized testing; some questions are much easier than others. A person who is truly a genius may not be able to attain an IQ score in the upper end of the standard range for intelligence because they are unable to correctly answer some questions due to difficulties in language, symbols, or any number of other cognitive factors that make perfect scores on standardized tests impossible under ideal circumstances.

What is required to achieve an IQ score of 135?

For some people who are naturally gifted, achieveing an IQ score of 135 comes naturally. For others, it requires dedication to practice making the most out of their intelligence. Achieving a score of 135 on an IQ test requires that a person be highly motivated and interested in the subject matter. Questions will require creative thinking, interesting responses, and a critical understanding of fundamental ideas. Those who enjoy taking IQ tests find it relatively easy to get such high scores because they do not view the questions as difficult or boring.

How to Increase IQ Score

There is no scientific evidence that anyone can increase their full-scale IQ score. Although many people believe in the idea of a “smart pill”, this concept has been proven to be futile. However, there are several methods that have been shown to improve different subscores of an IQ test. Because people typically get a number of scores on a single IQ test, anything that helps these scores is considered an effective means of raising one’s intelligence.

Some methods for improving IQ scores:

Mnemonic devices and memory techniques can be extremely helpful for remembering and memorizing long strings of information that may appear on an IQ test. These strategies help people remember the correct answer by encoding useful information in their memory. Physical exercise can also improve memory and brain function, which may make it easier for an individual to remember answers to questions on IQ tests.

Other Mind Boosting Strategies

Time management is crucial when preparing for any challenging exam; many students take hours planning out their study sessions in order to increase the efficiency of each hour spent studying. When using this strategy for IQ tests, students should estimate the amount of time available to complete the test and use this information to determine how long they have to study. Studying in short blocks over a longer period can be helpful, allowing students to evenly spread out their study sessions throughout the day. This approach helps limit stress by giving people breaks between studying sessions that provide time for them to relax and recover. The breaks help a student maintain focus while studying by giving the mind a rest. The short periods spent studying can be more beneficial than long study sessions because people are able to direct all of their attention at the task without becoming bored or exhausted.

There is no “best” way to dedicate time preparing for an IQ test. However, it is useful to think of increasing intelligence as a process that requires time and dedication rather than any sort of magic strategy. Students should look for the strategies that work best for them personally in order to achieve their full potential on IQ tests.

Famous People with IQ Scores of 135

There are many recorded instances of famous people with IQ scores that equal 135. Here is a list of different individuals with IQs of 135:



There have been many famous individuals who have reportedly scored 140 on an IQ test. Here is a list of some of the most well-known individuals.

Celebrities With IQ of 140
Name IQ Score Russell Brand 135 Tommy Lee Jones 135 Dennis Miller 135 Spiro Agnew 135 Malcolm Little 135 Julie Newmar 135 Elizabeth Porteus 135 Adam Sedgwick 135

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