About IQ Test Prep

The IQ Test Prep website allows visitors to take sample IQ tests and measure how their IQ compares against other test takers. This site is part of an umbrella of intelligence sites that are available to test IQ, cognitive, and mental ability and prepare for required examinations.  All of these sample tests are managed by PB International. Tests include the simple IQ test, the Wonderlic test, the ASVAB  test, the AFQT test, the CNA test, the Mensa test, and Weschler test. 

These sample tests are made available free of charge to help users gauge their cognitive abilities, test their IQ score against other test takers, prepare for entrance and employment qualification exams, or just to have fun. All of the tests in our family of sites are free and you are eligible to take them multiple times.  Our goal is to prepare, educate and entertain.