Resources We Like

The following is a collection of websites and online resources that we like and believe that our visitors would enjoy. If you have any suggestions, let us know!

IQ Related

Self Improvement

  • 20 Self-Improvement Tips
  • Educational Software for Schools – Essential Skills provides educational software for elementary students. Our educational software solutions for schools are the perfect tool for teachers and students.
  • UnRemot – Virtually set up a remote office that makes you feel like you’re at the office. Perfect tool for teams in 2020 and beyond.
  • Digging Up The Past – This news and resource website is dedicated to Biblical archaeology. If you enjoy learning about earlier civilizations and our human ancestry, this is the website for you!


  • Psychology Today – A popular magazine that covers psychology topics including neuroscience, sleep, personality, relationships, depression, animal behavior, and much more.

Games and Puzzles

  • A2z Word Finder – This website has a ton of awesome tools including word unscramblers, crossword helpers, anagram solvers, Scrabble checkers, and more.
  • Game Wolf
  • Chess Publishing
  • Puzzle Express – Many great word games and puzzles for your solving enjoyment that can be played online or printed out. Their Puzzle Books section is great for those looking for actual books or PDFs of puzzles.
  • Puzzle Generator – Create your own crosswords with individual words and design search puzzles with personal word lists.
  • Passion for Puzzles Blog – Passion for Puzzles is a fantastic site for all kinds of puzzles. You can find solutions for brain teasers. There is also a great section for online games and another section for daily online activities like crosswords, sudoku, word search etc.
  • House of Chess – Chess Sets Pieces Wooden Board Magnetic Travel Chess Set.
  • Entrepreneur Quiz – Take this quiz to see if you have the skills to be an entrepreneur.