UPDATED! This test now provides a table of how your score compares to the average taker of this test. If you would like to obtain your True Certified IQ Score, please take our Official  IQ Test!

If you’ve ever wondered how to join Mensa, the process is actually pretty straightforward. To become a member of the elite Mensa high IQ society, you’ll need to achieve a qualifying score on an approved IQ test, and the most popular option is the Mensa IQ test. While only Mensa has the keys to their exact questions, we’ve assembled a free 50 question, 12-minute online IQ test that you can use to practice for the official Mensa exam and give you an idea if you’re Mensa material. For reference, a score of 37 or higher on our IQ test would equate roughly to the minimum score required to become a member of Mensa.

Is there an Online Mensa test?

If you’re looking for a free IQ test Mensa has made available online, there technically is not one available. But, they do offer the Mensa workout, while not an official IQ test, it is a Mensa backed quiz that offers a rough idea of some of the types of questions you will see on the Mensa exam. Though it’s stated as a test that’s for “entertainment purposes only” and “not an IQ test” it’s still worthwhile to spend some time on this test to familiarize yourself further with some of the types of questions you may experience on the test.

Mensa test preparation

Like any other taxing job-related exam or standardized test you’ve taken in your life, you’ll want to prepare for the Mensa test seriously if you want to succeed. Stick to the basics to make sure your mental sharpness is at its best on testing day. Some basic tips include:

  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before so you’re well rested
  • Have your route planned to get to the testing facility so you’re not scrambling to be on time
  • Dress comfortably and confidently

What are the best IQ tests for getting into Mensa

Many people reach this site looking for the best free IQ test they can find that will provide test results and an official IQ score that will get them into Mensa, but unfortunately no such thing exists. One way or another, it will cost you money to get official IQ test scores from one of a few different tests that will get you into the American Mensa society or one of the international chapters. The following supervised test scores are accepted for admittance to Mensa:

  • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS)
  • Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales
  • Cattell Culture Fair Test

How do I find IQ testing near me?

To schedule one of these tests, you can typically contact a university psychology department or you can schedule one through a local psychiatrist’s office if they have a qualified IQ test proctor on their staff.

What Mensa IQ test scores are required for admission?

To be admitted, you’ll need a score on the Mensa test that places you in the 98th percentile or higher. Why the 98th percentile? The Mensa test, like the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Stanford-Binet, and Cattell Culture Fair test all are designed to have scores along a normal bell curve distribution. By design, all of these tests aim to have an average IQ score of 100. So, if you score a 100 you have perfectly average intelligence, regardless of the test you take. 

The standard deviation, or variability of IQ scores on these IQ tests do change. But the way the scores are distributed (as in the image below for the Wechsler IQ test) means that 96% of the population will fall between two standard deviations of the mean. So, two be in the top or bottom 2% of the general population in terms of intelligence you would need to be above or below two standard deviations from the mean. 

IQ bell curve

The standard deviations vary based on each test so the following minimum scores are required to be Mensa material between roughly tests), you can be admitted with an official score that places you in the 98th percentile or higher on their scoring scales as well. The Cattell Culture Fair test has a standard deviation of 24. The Stanford-Binet test has a standard deviation of 16. The Wechsler test has a standard deviation of 15. So if you multiply each of these numbers by two and add them to the average score of 100 you’ll get the required minimum scores:

  • Cattell Culture Fair – 148
  • Stanford-Binet – 132
  • Wechsler – 130

How do I take an official Mensa IQ test?

While you can’t take a Mensa IQ test free of charge, Mensa does offer their own certified IQ test that you can schedule online. You can do so by contacting your nearest Mensa local group to find a test session. There is a fee for testing which changes slightly over time. The fee may also vary by location. To find a Mensa admission test session in your area follow this link to the Mensa website: https://www.us.mensa.org/join/testing/