Experimental IQ Test, 2021 Version


You will have 35 minutes for this test.

IQ Test Revision B, 2021 (experimental)

This is our brand new IQ Test that we are perfecting for release in 2021!  This test is experimental so you can be among the first to check it out and, we hope, share your feedback on how we can improve.  This is a very difficult test and you certainly will be challenged.  You will have 35 minutes to answer 15 questions.  We hope that you will provide us with feedback at the conclusion of the test so that we may improve it for future test-takers.  Please note, that because of the experimental nature of this test, we will not provide a true IQ score at the conclusion of this test.  You will receive a report of the percentage of questions you answered correctly.  You ready to get started!  Click the "Start" button below!

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Which of these words is spelled incorrectly?

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Which of the following does not belong in this set?

  1. 1572
  2. 1941
  3. 2049
  4. 1770
  5. 1978

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Each sentence below contains a hidden word embedded within the sentence. For example, the word “global” is embedded in the following sentence: “The child plays with clay and a GLOB ALways ends up getting stuck in the carpet.” Can you find the military officers embedded in the sentenced below?

  • The liquids that slipped passed the cap tainted the contents of the bottle.
  • The warmer water is a proven sign that the ocean currents had changed recently.
  • The accident left her with a lacerated colon, elbow fracture, and a severe concussion.
  • Once the broccoli has cooled it’s important to get them off ice rapidly, so they don’t become soggy.
  • It was disappointing to learn the previous command erased the data before it could be shared with the new team.

Type the words you find in the space provided below.  Separate each word by a comma and a space.  For example:  one, two, three, four, five

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Which one of the following words does not belong?


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Which of the following series of numbers would not create an identical number when rotated 180 degrees?


Question Image

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What are the final three terms in this sequence?

D, 22, E, 21, G, 19, J, 16, __?__, __?__, __?__

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Solve for X:

Question Image

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If items one and two are formatted correctly, which item is incorrect?

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In the symbol series below, if there were a fourth row, what symbol belongs in the position occupied by the question mark?

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Arrange the following images into pairs (i.e. AB, CD, etc.).

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What word belongs in place of "X?"

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Solve for X:


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What single word can precede the following letters to create a complete word for each?

? dying
? teens
? opies
? non
? oe

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Solve for X, Y, and Z.


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Which image belongs in box number 4?

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Understanding These Sample IQ Test Questions

First and foremost, IQtestprep.com’s IQ tests are for entertainment purposes only. While our IQ questions and answers have been developed and refined to test real aspects of intelligence similarly to popular cognitive abilities tests, they are not as comprehensive as official intelligence tests. You’ll need to contact a local testing center, psychologist or Mensa chapter to take a proper IQ test that would be used in a professional evaluation or to gain entrance into a high IQ society like Mensa which requires a verified IQ in the 98th percentile.

Genuine IQ Test Sample Questions

While the IQtestprep.com practice tests focus highly on information processing, most modern tests focus on a wider variety of aspects of intelligence. In formulating an IQ score, the popular Wechsler tests focus on the following indices:

  • Verbal Comprehension Index
  • Perceptual Reasoning Index
  • Working Memory Index
  • Processing Speed Index

There are subtests within each of these indexes where the IQ test proctor will provide questions and when you answer correctly your score for that subtest will improve and increase your index score for that component of your intelligence. A selection of these subtests is then combined upon the test’s completion to make up your Full-Scale IQ, or FSIQ. Average intelligence would be someone with an FSIQ score of 100.

Sample Similarities Subtest Question

An example question from this type of IQ test would be within the similarities subtest in the Verbal Comprehension Index. In this test, the proctor will provide you with two items, so for example, “milk” and “orange juice”. The subject is asked to provide information as to what the items have in common. A highly specific such as, “They’re both beverages” would be worth two points while a less specific answer such as, “They’re both liquids” would be worth one point. These questions will be presented in a series, and you will either receive partial or full points for each correct answer, or you will be cut off after too many incorrect responses and you will proceed to the next section of the test.